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Tukwila ELL Quiz



 Communicating with parents using interpreters is essential in Tukwila. Each building receives funding to pay for interpreters, and we have our own interpreter pool, as well as Language Line phone interpreter service. “Interpret” means to orally interpret words or conversation; “translate” means to translate written documents from one language to another.

 Refugees are people seeking asylum due to political, religious, or other persecution in their home countries. Immigrants are people who voluntarily move to another country. All refugees have immigrant status, but not all immigrants are refugees. 
 One of our large refugee populations is from Somalia. Many Somali students did not receive any formal schooling prior to arrival in the US. Somali culture is very different from American culture. For example, if you are a woman and you meet a Somali man, greet him politely, but do not offer to shake hands. Shake hands only if he offers his hand to you.
 One of our large refugee populations is from Bhutan. The Bhutanese speak Nepali, and many have spent most of their lives in refugee camps in Nepal. Many of our Bhutanese students were born in camps. The Bhutanese community in Tukwila is very tightly knit.
 One of our large refugee populations is from Burma, also called Myanmar. They speak many different dialects, including Burmese, Karen, Karenni, and Chin. Due to political and cultural issues, many prefer to be referred to as “refugees from Burma” rather than “Burmese.”

Many Tukwila staff members are trained in GLAD and SIOP instructional strategies, amongst other ELL-specific strategies, and our district has a team of four teachers who are GLAD trainers 

Tukwila is the most diverse school district in the nation, with over 70 languages spoken by 2800 students; only about 700-800 of our families report English as their home language.

There are nine full-time ELL teachers in Tukwila’s five schools, and ten full-time ELL para-educators. All of them are happy to help you with any questions you might have about an ELL student in your class. Tukwila School District supports teaching staff who are interested in pursuing an ELL endorsement.

Tukwila School District has 1141 students who qualify to receive ELL services, which is about 40% of the student population 

 The 10 most common languages spoken by families who have students in TSD are: English Spanish Vietnamese Somali Nepali Bosnian Cambodian Turkish Tagalog Burmese