Want Chromebooks for next year at Showalter????

Fill out this Survey for Middle School and tell them how much you use them and like them!!!



 We get the awesome privilege of using Chromebooks this year.  They are a HUGE gift and we must all treat them well so they can help us learn and last for years to come.  Here are some suggestions for making Chromebooks a success this year:

  • Carry the computer like a baby, two hands and walk slowly
  • Keep computers shut until you are told to begin working, no one should be Chromebooking unless given permission
  • Only the Technologist should be plugging in and unplugging power cords, they are tricky
  • Only work on what is assigned, no free surfing

Here are some sites we're going to add to our Favorites to make it easier to find and work:

Intervention Work

Reading Resources

Typing Test: