Who is Mr. Jamieson?

Mr. Jamieson loves teaching.

Last year was my very first one in Washington and Cascade View Elementary.  I love it here!  I have spent the two years before that leading 4th graders in their academic journey and explored the prairies and mountains of Wyoming.  We took field trips where we pretended we were on the Oregon Trail and had to pull all we owned to new land.  We build models of towns and planned a vacation where we chose a dream car to rent, hotels to stay at, and of course fun activities to attend.  Each day was a new adventure, and I look forward to going on a new journey with students of Tukwila.

Mr. Jamieson loves the outdoors.

Whether it's a golf course, a hiking trail, or a kayak; Mr. Jamieson is active and always eager to find a new place to explore.  My favorite places to visit is the ocean (any one will do), the mountains (the taller the better), and an outdoor market or movie (Pike's Place can't be beat)!  I love to bike, to run, to stroll by the water.  I am up for new challenges, and I will always have my camera handy to capture the memories!  I tried Paddle Boarding this summer and found out that I have 

 Mr. Jamieson loves his family.

I am so lucky to have a wife who loves teaching and the outdoors as much as I do.  We spend our breaks traveling and trying new foods, but our favorites are always dessert!  We walk our puppy, Daisy, whose wagging tail and energy makes her hard to miss on the beach walk.  We enjoy painting rooms new, fun colors and cooking together!  We always have fun and laugh a lot!  We have an exciting announcement.  Our family is growing by one in October!  We are expecting our first son and can't explain how happy that makes me!