Greetings! Welcome to Mr. Johnson's website (with a nod to Ms Fox, our media specialist)
Mr. Johnson provides Showalter's Speech - Language  Pathology* Services
To get in touch with me:
I am at Showalter through the day on: Mondays and Fridays
I am located in a small office inside room A 120.
My office phone is: 901-7810
My email is: (click on Contact Me on the left)
*Speech - Language Pathologists train to work with developmental differences and challenges in:
Articulation - How we form and use our English language sounds to communicate through speaking.
Fluency - Maintaining the 'flow' of easy speech as we use our speech to share ideas, ask and answer questions, and socialize with our friends.
Listening Comprehension/Receptive Language - The complex skills we use to build meaning and understanding from what we hear and what we read.
Oral Expression/Spoken Language - The complex skills we use to share meaning and ideas with others through the act of speaking aloud.