Mrs. Niffin's 3rd grade class!
I am so excited to teach your child this year.  We are going to learn so many new things... and have some fun along the way too!  Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in volunteering in our classroom or have any questions about how your child is doing.

Math:  Your child will have math homework to do every night.  It is important for him/her to practice the work independently and then you can check the work.  Have your child explain to you what concepts we are learning and why they are important!

Reading:  Your child should be reading every night for 30 minutes.  The students receive a pink reading log every week to keep track of their minutes.  If they bring this back on Monday - along with all their math homework for the week - they will go on the "All-Star Students" wall!

Spelling:  Your child will get a spelling list every Monday with a specific spelling pattern that he/she needs to work on.  In order to practice every night, the students should write the spelling words at least four times or put each one in a sentence.  If they practice at home, they will succeed in reading and writing!