Welcome to Room #C-215. We have an exciting year ahead!  Fourth grade will be a magical door to new concepts and ideas in Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies. 

We will be reading outstanding fiction and non-fiction literature. We will have opportunities to read many genres and learn from well-known authors.

We will become skilled writers as we explore various avenues of writing during our Writing Workshop.

In math we will encounter new skills in addition and subtraction, multi-digit multiplication, fractions, decimals, area, geometry, reasoning, problem solving, data/statistics/probability, and communication.

In Social Studies students use their understanding of social studies concepts and skills to explore Washington State in the past and present. Students learn about the state's unique geography and key eras in Early Washington State history.

Parent involvement will make a difference in your child's success in fourth grade!

Each Monday your child will bring home a Monday Folder. Inside will be a parent newsletter (please sign and return), graded homework, and handouts from the office or PTA.

Each night your child should read for a minimum of 30 minutes. These books should be "grade appropriate". The books can be fiction or non-fiction.

You can help your child achieve growth in literacy by: (1) being willing to read aloud to your child; (2) supporting and modeling the need for reading and writing; (3) providing access to books for pleasure and learning  (take your child to the library); (4) creating time in busy family schedules for reading, writing, and discussing books & ideas.