Extra homework

Dear Parents/Guardians:

          In 2nd grade, we would like students to be reading in their extra time.  This is the reason that we deliberately do not provide a lot of homework (worksheets).  Their time is much better spent reading.  Each student should be reading for at least 20 minutes a night.  If you are interested in providing extra homework for your child, here are some ideas for you: 

Extra Homework

1)   Have your child read for longer than 20 minutes and then have them write a summary and tell you what they have read.

2) If you have access to the internet there are many educational sites.  Our math curriculum has some practice problems on their website at http://eduplace.com/kids/mhm/testprep/gr2.  We use the Houghton-Mifflin Math Expressions curriculum.  Other math websites are:
3)Here are some reading websites for your kids:

4)   Math Facts – We would like 2nd graders to be able to do their math facts quickly without using their fingers.  This would include addition up to 20 as the total.

 5)   Writing – 2nd graders should practice writing paragraphs using capitals, periods, and complete sentences.

If you need more ideas, please let me know.



Tamara McCarthey