Each student has a homework folder that will be used to bring homework to and from school. The folder will go home every Monday and should be returned on Friday. Inside the folder will be a weekly homework packet. The packet should be completed in short sessions and it would be great if you could check your child’s work. Spelling tests will be every Friday and the spelling list will also be in the homework packet.

     Once a month, a reading minutes slip will be sent home. Please put down the time your child reads each day. We would like 2nd graders to read at least 20 minutes/five days a week. We consider this a large portion of their homework. We will be tracking the minutes of each student and giving rewards at the end of the year.

     Please practice addition and subtraction facts with your child.  Your child can make flashcards for practice.  You can print off flashcards at http://www.coolmath4kids.com/.  By the end of 2nd grade, students should have their facts memorized.
     See extra homework for more ideas.