Reading at home is proven to increase a child’s learning tremendously in the classroom, and will be the main type of homework given. Other homework will kept at a minimum when at all possible. There will be times a student will need to complete classwork in the home. Here is what you may see!

Phonics/ Sound Spelling Pattern of the Week 

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The words that contain the phonics pattern for the week will be handed out on Monday of each week in a Homework packet, however, 15 minutes per day in the classroom will be provided Monday through Thursday for your child to complete the activities in the classroom.

 If additional time is required your student may take the packet home to finish. We will have our Spelling Tests every Friday to assess their progress with the sound spellings that have been focused on in class for the week. Please remind your student that their Spelling/Phonics packet is due on Friday.

Reading Logs

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Reading logs will be send home on Friday and due the following Friday. Your child is expected to read for a minimum of 20 minutes 5 days a week. Reading in your child's native language is encouraged!  You can read to your child, read with your child, or have them read by themselves.


The more kids read the better readers they become :)

Math Homework

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The math homework is given in class as an extension of the days learning. Your child will have homework almost every day in math.  If your student is unable to finish in class they will bring it home to complete and return the next day. If a student does not turn in homework and was at school the previous day, they will have the opportunity to finish during their recess.