International Night was awesome! 


Hey!  Check out a book I am writing under Documents.  Filter under Categories for Reading.  There is also a feedback form, which you can use more than once.  Please give feedback on any chapter you like.  Thanks! (And - enjoy the book)





RAZ-KIDS (link on the LEFT): Teacher name: msabola  You know your password. Remember, I'm looking for quizzes in order to move you up a level.

Lexia Reading Core 5 (link on LEFT): Teacher email:    Then log in with your Lexia password.

TenMarks: Your username and password  are the same. You should have this written in your Red Folder. It is your name with a four or five digit number after it.

Xtra Math: Teacher email for login is  Classroom code is: 8KA9CHAA.  Your password should be written in your Red Folder. It is a 4-digit number.

TypingWeb: Username is your namewith the word castle (so markcastle). Password is your birthday.

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